Specialised Brazilian wax hard wax.

This is fantastic on dark facial hair & pubic areas the wax quickly trains the follicle to grow softer, slower & reduce ingrowing hairs dramatically. There’s no stickiness or strips its quick and easy & is very gentle on the skin the results are amazing growth becomes patchy thinner sooner than warm wax.

Why not treat you and a loved one with a couples massage.


Price List


Name Description Cost
Brazilian wax - Lip £5.50
Brazilian wax - Chin £5.50
Brazilian wax - Underarm £10.50
Brazilian wax - Bikini (basic) £12.50
Brazilian wax - Californian (G-string wax) £20.50
Brazilian wax - playboy (Brazilian) £25.50
Brazilian wax - Hollywood (No Hair) £25.50
Brazilian wax - Side of face £7.50
Warm wax - Eyebrow tidy £6.50
Warm wax - Fore arms £14.50
Warm wax - Half leg £12.50
Warm wax - Full leg £20.50
Warm wax - 3/4 leg £15.50
Top up waxing (trim) Half the cost of a full wax if areas are not fully grown